Valentines Inspired Activities for All Ages

Valentines Inspired Activities for All Ages

Everyone is starting to get the itch for spring, especially the kids. Thanks to the freezing temperatures here in Utah it's keeping us cooped up inside where the kids (and moms) are starting to go a little stir crazy. Lucky for you, I found the perfect Valentine's activities to make it a little more bearable. 

Infants-The 'Sticky' Wall 

This sensory sticky wall idea is brought to you by, 'The Mama Notes'.  She takes contact paper and tapes it to her wall, then pulls out a bin full of felt hearts, fuzzy pom-poms, and feathers. This is the perfect activity to do with little ones, it's so easy and sure to bring lots of smiles. 

Toddlers-Valentine's Sorting

What's better than an activity with candy? We love this activity that 'The Busy Toddler' came up with. It features the classic Valentine's candy and helps develop your little one's fine motor and sorting skills. 
The set up is extremely simple, get conversation hearts (or another small heart-shaped candy), tongs, and heart-shaped cookie cutters. Now help your little one sort the candy into different cookie cutters. 

Toddlers & Kids-Valentine's Heart Scavenger Hunt

This is perfect for the littles that constantly want to be on the move. We found this idea from 'The Wildly Charmed' and loved it so much. This activity gets kids moving, and can help them reinforce their colors. Or if you have multiple kids assign them all a color. 
For this activity, you'll need scissors, colorful paper, and tape. Cut out as many hearts as you want and start placing them all-around your house. Once your little is ready to play start the count down and let the fun begin. 

Kids & Tweens-Valentine's Day Collage Hearts

We love this idea from 'Arts & Crackers' it's perfect for lots of ages and really helps get their creativity flowing. Plus it's fairly simple to set up. You will need construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, magazines, stickers, glitter, and anything else that you may want to decorate with. Simply cut out a heart for them and let them start creating. 

We hope that these ideas will help you create fun and lasting memories with your children while taking the stress out of coming up with something; especially when it feels you are stuck inside. What Valentine's Day activities do you love to do with your family? 

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