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October’s Mighty Miss

Kellie Langeliers

Posted on October 26 2020

October’s Mighty Miss


 Our Mighty Miss of October is the beautiful KenLea
    How Old is KenLea? 
    What Makes KenLea so Mighty? 


    KenLea's desire to do what is right and good, no matter what those around her think, is such an amazing attribute of hers. She is genuinely kind and always looking of ways to help those around her. 
    She is also extremely athletic and can run faster than almost anyone her age, boys included, but she doesn’t boast about it and she always encourages others and cheers them on.
    She truly is a good example to all those around her and radiates light in everything she does. We are so happy to share her story of kidness and strength with you.
    What's Her Favorite Treat? 
    Taki Chips 
    Where is Her Favorite Place to Be?
    Wherever her family is   

    KenLea is rocking our Floral Swing Dress paired with our Camel Top 
    That is this month's Mighty Miss, next month it could be YOU! At Blooms and Arrows, we want to be more than just a place to get cute clothes, we strive to be a community. A place we can share our stories, struggles, and what makes us so special. Share your daughter's story of strength on our website for your chance to be featured and receive a $50 store credit.


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