National Sister’s Day

National Sister’s Day

Happy National Sister's Day to all our sisters! Whether you have a sister, friends that have become sisters, or are raising daughters. At Blooms and Arrows, we consider all of you our sisters. 

Everyone can relate to having a 'sister' they're your best friend, biggest supporter, and best secret keeper. I have been lucky enough to grow up with one sister who would do anything to protect me and for that, I am so grateful. She's tougher than nails and doesn't put up with crap from anyone. A favorite memory I have with my sister is the summer nights we spent staying up way too late to watch movies. We would eat otter pop after otter pop and watch movies until we couldn't keep our eyes open. I have also been lucky enough to have best friends that became sisters. Thanks to my best friend all growing up and being on the drill team, I was lucky to have lots of sisters. Now here I am, 20 weeks pregnant giving my sweet little Girl a sister. The bond that I and my sister share is like none other. I feel so lucky to be able to do the same for my daughter. I can't wait for all their inside jokes, tea parties, allnighters, and the stealing of each others clothes. Either way, you have it, today is a day for getting with your sister's and celebrating.

Ways to Celebrate

  • Nothing beats getting together and catching up, take today to hit up your favorite brunch or treat shop.
  • Get your nails done. It's the perfect girls' day, relaxing and being pampered is there anything better? 
  • Go shopping, everyone could use a new outfit or just get out of the house and do some window shopping. I for one, love to go and see all the new styles especially with all the back to school sales. 
  • Get together and watch a movie with all your favorite drinks and snacks. If you need a movie idea, check out our list below! 
  • Maybe you're busy and don't have time, drop off your sister's favorite treat so they know you are thinking of them.

Now if you are a movie lover like myself there are a few movies, perfect to watch on National Sister's Day. 

  • Any Mary-Kate and Ashley movie will do. You can't go wrong with the classic 2000's outfits and hairstyles. 
  • Parent trap, an easy classic whether you watch the old or new one. Nothing like two sisters working together to get their parents back together! 
  • If you have little's you can't go wrong with Frozen 1 and 2. Two stories all about sisterhood. 
  • It's not a movie, but Sister, Sister is a TV series that never gets old. 
  • Another TV series sister duo (really trio) that we love is Rachel and her sisters from Friends. To watch the ones with Reese Witherspoon (Jill), its season 6, episodes 13 & 14. The ones with Christina Applegate (Amy), season 9, episode 8. 

Did we miss any of your favorite movies or TV sister duos? However you decide to celebrate, we hope it's a wonderful day. Happy National Sister's Day from Blooms and Arrows. We love you guys! 


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