May's Mighty Miss: Ruby

May's Mighty Miss: Ruby

For this month's mighty miss we have our beautiful Ruby. 

What makes Ruby mighty? 
Jenna was only 11 weeks pregnant when she lost her beautiful sister to cancer. Ruby is her sister's birthstone, making it the perfect name for this sweet rainbow baby. Ruby's pregnancy was hard and high risk due to being diagnosed with Trisomy 18, a very rare chromosome abnormality. By the grace of God, she was born completely healthy with a mixed facial hemangioma. They call it her unicorn horn, just one more thing that makes her special. As the years have gone on it's slowly gotten smaller but she still points to where it is and calls it her unicorn horn. Being the only girl after four boys they couldn't wait to buy all the girly things. Ruby got into modeling at only six weeks with Chicco and has only kept going since then. Ruby loves repping, meeting new rep friends, and finding amazing shops along the way. Ruby gives Jenna strength every day, she is such a blessing and gift. She sees her sister when she looks at Ruby, they have the same smile and She’s so thankful to still see it every day. 

What's her favorite treat? 

Ice Cream! 

Where is her favorite place to be? 
Outside, she's such a nature lover. 
Ruby is wearing our popular “Over the Rainbow Tee” 

That is this month's Mighty Miss, we can't wait to see who will be next month. At Blooms and Arrows, we want to be more than just a place to get cute clothes, we strive to be a community. A place we can share our stories, struggles, and what makes us so special. Share your story of strength on our website for your chance to be featured. 


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