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June's Mighty Miss: Brooklyn

Danielle Lambourne

Posted on June 11 2020

June's Mighty Miss: Brooklyn
This month's mighty miss is our lovely Brooklyn.
How Old is Brooklyn? 
11 Years Old
What Makes Brooklyn Mighty? 
At only 11 years old, Brooklyn has already had to endure more than most little girls. Her father died only months before she was born making her childhood harder and different than most. While she struggled to grow up without a father, it didn't stop her from growing into the beautiful girl she is today. Luckily, Brooklyn's mom found her now-husband who has become that father for her. She excelled in school, opened her heart to everyone and everything around her, and became someone loved by everyone who got to know her. 
When Brooklyn was three years old her mother noticed her feet weren't straight, but severely pointed inward. This caused her to walk differently, but that didn't stop her. She struggled but still strived to be active and play the sports that she loved! 
Despite all her obstacles in life, she has become a beautiful, sweet and kind-hearted beauty. She constantly amazes those around her. Right now Brooklyn has become addicted to art and continues to master and work on her art every day. Her parents and her team at Blooms and Arrows are so proud of her!
What's Her Favorite Treat?
3 Musketeers 
Where is Her Favorite Place to Be? 
An Art Museum 
Brooklyn is wearing her favorite Blooms and Arrows  Color Block Top
That is this month's Mighty Miss, we can't wait to see who will be next month. At Blooms and Arrows, we want to be more than just a place to get cute clothes, we strive to be a community. A place we can share our stories, struggles, and what makes us so special. Share your story of strength on our website for your chance to be featured. 

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