July's Might Miss: Lydia

July's Might Miss: Lydia

July's Might Miss of the Month is Lydia! 

How Old is Lydia?
11 Months

What Makes Lydia Mighty? 
When Lydia was born they noticed there was meconium in the womb, normally when this happens the baby is taken to the NICU for a full evaluation. For whatever reason, she didn't get checked out and at 15 hours old turned completely blue due to lack of oxygen. She was rushed to the nursery and then the NICU where she had to have x-rays, tests, and an echocardiogram because they couldn't figure out why she couldn't keep her oxygen levels up. The only thing they could think of was the meconium during labor must have gotten into her lungs making it hard for her to fully expand her lungs. This resulted in a weeklong stay at the NICU. 
Even though Lydia hit a bit of a rough patch when coming into this world she's still the happiest and most determined little girl. Lydia sure lights up her parents' world! 

What's Her Favorite Treat? 
Anything anyone around her is eating.

Where is Her Favorite Place to Be? 
Right next to mom or dad or playing with her cousin.

Lydia is wearing one of our favorite Blooms and Arrows tops, the baby tank in olive. 

That is this month's Mighty Miss, next month it could be YOU! At Blooms and Arrows, we want to be more than just a place to get cute clothes, we strive to be a community. A place we can share our stories, struggles, and what makes us so special. Share your daughter's story of strength on our website for your chance to be featured. 

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